The Mindset of a Digital Marketer


I’m reading a great book by Carol Dweck called “Mindset – The new psychology of success” and in that book, Carol introduces the concepts of fixed and growth mindsets. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the concepts and how they applied in the realm of digital marketing in the today’s day and age.

You see having a fixed mindset is centered on limiting your effort and risk to remain successful while the growth mindset revolves around the notion that with risk and effort, comes great lessons and thus great rewards. This is a particularly polarizing idea as I can literally hear the conversations I’ve been a part of where the spirit of the meeting centered on what colleagues and brands alike are comfortable with and not what would require them to stretch their comfort zone and dare to be remarkable.

You see, we are in a transitional time, where brands big and small are anxious.  They hear the stories, they see the graphs, and they literally feel the winds of change blowing on their face. They are anxious because the methods to truly earn customer acquisition, advocacy and retention need to change and so do they.

In this age of disruption I don’t have to bring up the idea of “Big Data” for you to know that data is being generated at a staggering rate allowing us to track, stack and roll up seemingly any enhanced audience segment you can think of. I don’t have to define the many ways technology is allowing for quick collisions of creative ideas to create new and even more creative ideas, which then leads to the next. The simple fact of the matter is that we aren’t in an age where there is one existing solution for tomorrow’s problem.  I feel it’s our job as digital marketers to embrace the growth mindset and to encourage our clients and colleagues to do the same.

How To Make Money On Mobile – Business Insider


The burning question for brands and marketing strategist alike is clearly still very much is in the interrogative phase. The question is far to broad to be answered by a blanket tactic but at least people are thinking about it. I think the best answer came from Kellee Khalil (@kellee) of who cited the brand’s focus on mobile application strategy based on their audience analytics.

How To Make Money On Mobile – Business Insider.